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Vasile Alecsandri  :  Proza

Publisher: CARTEX ( 2006 )

ISBN: 973-104-042-0

City: Bucuresti

Language: Romana

Category: Romanian literature, classical and contemporary writers

Price: 11 Lei

Stock estimation: 7


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Vladimir Nabokov Author portrait

Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977) is a famous writer of both Russian and English literature. After spending his childhood and teenage years in Russia, he emigrates with his family in England where he becomes a Cambridge student (1919); after a year the family moves to Berlin, where in 1922 his father (a leader of the constitutional-democrat party) is assassinated by a fascist terrorist. Graduating from college, he moved to Berlin where he starts writing using the name Vladimir Sirin. In 1937, after the fascists take charge, he moves to France and since 1940 he lives in The United States.

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