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Cristian Andrei ComesSabina Popescu-Spineni  :  Metodologia cercetarii stiintifice

Publisher: CERMAPRINT ( 2005 )

ISBN: 973-87013-0-9

City: Bucuresti

Language: Romana

Category: Human Medicine

Number of pages 131

Price: 16.35 Lei

Stock estimation: 17


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Umberto Eco Author portrait

Umberto Eco is a contemporary Italian writer. His work includes novels, essays, academic treatises and children books. He teaches Semiotics at a few of the most well-known European and American universities, adopting from this perspective the most important aspects of our present culture. Thru his academic work, Eco is considered one of the most important thinkers of our days and his essays, written with great humor and irony, are true models for this genre.

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